Reproduction Wooden Spokeshaves & Service

Price List & Order Information

Prices effective May 30, 2023

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Spokeshaves (All Dave’s Shaves have brass soles)
No. 0 Small Compass shave $210.00
No. 1 Flat-sole shave $160.00
No. 2 Large Compass shave $190.00
DOG-BONE blade holder $ 99.00
Spokeshave Kit (No. 1 size only) $110.00
Replacement Blades (Nuts included)
(Honing Option Y/N)
Hock small (O-1 steel, 1.5") $ 38.00
Hock Large (O-1 steel, 2.75") $ 40.00
Upgrades for earlier Dave’s Shaves models
(Return S&H Included)
Compass shave Brass Installation $ 99.00
Top-side blade adjustment screws & Post Boss Installation $ 65.00
Conover "SuperTune" (Hock blade extra) $110.00
*Spokeshave Repair ‐ call/email for evaluation & estimate*
Wood Selection for all Dave’s Shaves : European Beech, Maple, Cherry
I generally do not use tropical or exotic woods due to allergies.
Figured Domestic Hardwoods may have an upcharge.

Ordering Information 2023

We are currently accepting orders by email, USPS mail-in or by phone.

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Checks or money orders should be made payable to either Dave's Shaves or Dave Wachnicki. Credit Card orders should be called in or entered in on the USPS mail-in orders (Email may not be secure). Also note that Credit Card orders will appear on your CC statement as a charge to White Mountain Endodontics and not Dave’s Shaves.

Now accepting Visa and Mastercard on phone orders

All Dave’s Shaves and upgrade options are made to order. Please inquire if you have questions on availability of certain woods or have special requests such as an impending class date or gift date.

If you have any questions about your order please feel free to email ( or call Dave at 603-356-8712.